We Celebrated Bob Marley's BDay With a Vegan Feast at Winnie's Jamaican!

Winnie's Jamaican has been killing it with awesome vegan options since they opened but they upped the ante with their Bob’s Ital Chow Down Dinner, celebrating the birthday of Bob Marley. How could we say no to five courses of vegan deliciousness?

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Bobs Ital Chow Down was two nights dedicated to celebrating Bob Marley’s birthday. The menu was something new for Newy, not only a Jamaican inspired menu, but an Ital one! Ital is a philosophy of eating which comes from the word 'vital' as in vitality, it's all about eating for the most vitality for your body and connection to nature. This Rastafarian way of eating is expressed usually with strict vegetarianism, and often veganism as well. Learn more about Ital eating in this Wiki-hole

Winnie's carried the Rastafarian theme through the incredible 5-course meal with some head bopping reggae beats.

Our night kicked off with cocktails from the bar (or mocktails for those worried about drinking on a school night) fruity and fresh with lots of vegan options available.

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Now, onto the food! We wish we could write an essay detailing how incredible it was, but words alone won't do it justice. The sold-out evenings speak for themselves, Newcastle trusts Winnie's to put on an impressive feast.

Each course was special and stylish and rolled out at a perfect pace. Jamaican cuisine uses a mix of fragrant spices and herbs to flavour each dish, Chef Jamie and the kitchen staff used these flavourings deftly to turn familiar ingredients into new flavours and textures. 

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One of our favourite dishes was the plantain nachos (banana bloody nachos people!). Can we just take a minute to discuss this revolution in vegan food? Seriously so good!

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The following courses included BBQ jerk tofu, gotta love that classic Jamaican spice mix; silken tofu, not always a popular choice but perfectly executed here; and jackfruit bammys, Jamaica's answer to tacos. 

The grand finale of our feast was, of course, dessert! Chef Jamie has created a Carribean twist on banoffee pie, that is a menu regular, always vegan and gluten-free. Creamy, salty, sweet and fresh this pie is made with coconut, dates, caramel and banana.

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Winnie's regular dinner and lunch menus feature an incredible range of vegan options, make a booking to check them out soon. And if you spot another vegan event pop up, don't hesitate!

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Words and pictures thanks to Sid Atkinson.