Scroll down to find Newcastle's suburbs arranged alphabetically. Post Stephens is right at the bottom. 


Cafe Habitat $$ - Glebe Road, Adamtown. Small cafe located in a furniture shop. Stop in for a cuppa and a raw treat made by MamaP at this little Adamstown cafe. 

Harry's Gourmet Pizza $$ - Brunker Road, Adamstown. Harry's takeaway pizza has an entirely vegan pizza menu! There are over 16 pizzas on the menu, as well as vegan garlic bread, churros and you can check their Instagram and Facebook pages to find out when they have Bonta Cheesecakes in stock as well. Open seven days from 4:30pm. 

Goodness Me Organics $$ - Glebe Road, Adamstown. This grocery/cafe offers delicious fresh lunches and breakfasts with plenty of vegan options. There are raw vegan desserts, smoothies, cupcakes, salted caramel coconut frappes (yum!), all day vegan brekkie options including beans and mushrooms. There's a rainbow salad bar, chickpea balls and hot drinks come with a choice of soy, almond, rice or coconut mylks. Phew! Open seven days.


Char's Cafe $ - Belford St Broadmeadow & 189 Maitland Road Mayfield. Char's lovely cafe offers brekkie options to tempt any vegan out of bed. They'll mix up a cracking acai bowl, chia puddings with coconut yoghurt, a big green breakfast and there are always some raw treats in the cabinet. 

Broadmeadow at Newcastle City Farmers Markets

Bao Brothers $$ - Newcastle City Farmers Markets, Sunday. Olive Tree Markets. Check out their delicious fried mushroom bao - hold the mayo! 

Fruit Scoop $$ - Newcastle City Farmers Markets, Sunday. Olive Tree Markets. Grab a huuuge bowl of nicecream from these creative dairy free treat makers!

Luv Superfoods $$ - Newcastle City Farmers Markets, Sunday. Olive Tree Markets.  Acai bowls, smoothies, raw treats. They've got all the sweets you need!

Redbelly Gourmet $$ - Newcastle City Farmers Markets, Sunday. These folks usually have a veggie box or salad to grab loaded with goodness. 

Superfood Revolution $ - Newcastle City Farmers Markets, Sunday. Olive Tree Markets. Sacred Tree Markets. Almost everything at Superfood Revolution is vegan! Their menu offers green & superfood smoothies, smoothie bowls, acai bowls, 100% mango sorbet, fresh juices and vegan samosas and curry (ask for no yoghurt). For a healthy start to your day at the markets Superfood Revolution is the perfect choice. 

Turkish Gozleme $ - Newcastle City Farmers Markets, Sunday. Ask for the veggie gozleme with pumpkin and no cheese! Yummy fried bread is perfect on a cold market morning. 

Callaghan (University) 

Bar on the Hill - Grab a veggie wrap or sushi roll at the Bar on the Hill. 

Coffee Carts - Keep an eye out for the coffee cart by the maths building and their vegan muffins. The coffee cart by the CT building has soup most days, it's advertised on the board when the option for the day is vegan. 

Food Courts - At the food court on the Shortland side you'll be able to find a felafel wrap, felafel salad, roasted veg, gravy and foccacia. On the Hunter side of campus look out for the felafel wrap or sandwich. 

Gloria Jeans - There are sometimes vegan brownies in store. 

Mamadukes - Ask the lovely staff at Mamadukes to customize you the bean nachos without dairy, or order the vegan antipasto board. 

Noodles - Ask for the veggie and tofu noodle stir fry without egg or fish sauce with rice noodles. 

Pinkies - You can pick up some shapes, chips or nuts and other little snacks at Pinkies on both sides of campus. 

Subway - Order a salad roll, the sweet onion sauce and sweet chili sauces are vegan.  

Sushi - There are some veggie sushi options on the Shortland side of campus, just check with staff which have mayo. 

Veggie Lunch - Find delicious Hare Krishna lunch outside Auchmuty Library on Tuesday and Thursday for $5, Wednesday outside NUSA for $5 then on Thursdays outside NUSA for free! Be aware that sometimes that there is dairy in the veggie lunch, sometimes ghee or paneer cheese, or particularly in the sweets. Just check with the staff which choices are dairy free for the day. 


Cafe Inu $ - Denison Street, Carrington. This little cafe tucked away in Carrington is gaining a cult following for it's fusion Japanese Australian cafe food. This cafe is responding to customer demands and offering more veg options on their ever changing menu and orange juice squeezed fresh to order! There is both soy and almond milk for your coffees. Pop in to Cafe Inu Monday - Sunday for breakfast or lunch. 

Ground Up Espresso $$ - This cute cafe in Carrington has been adding more vegan options to their menu. Look out for healthy, whole food options in a nice environment. Open seven days for breakfast and lunch. 

Cooks Hill

3 Monkeys $$ - Darby Street, Cooks Hill. A staple of Darby Street dining known for their casual atmosphere and delicious, icy frappes 3 Monkey’s in a great spot to pop in. They will veganize their Vegie Monkey breakfast for you and are happy to veganize veg options for lunch and dinner too. Their whole fruit & veg green smoothies are made on a coconut water & chia base. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Green Thai $$ - Darby Street, Cooks Hill. Thai food with lovely service. Ask staff for their vegan menu! Open 7 days for lunch and dinner.

Coco Monde $$ - Darby Street, Cooks Hill. This chocolate cafe has a few vegan options for savoury eaters and a number of fantastic vegan desserts. These include their whole food slice, and whole food crepes served with dark chocolate sauce and raspberry sorbet. The dark chocolates are vegan, and staff will make you a very decadent dark chocolate hot chocolate. This is a spot for true sugar and chocolate lovers. Ask the staff to help you make your selections. Open for breakfast until late.

Core on Darby $$ Darby Street, Cooks Hill. Core Espresso provide delicious and healthy breakfast and lunch options that are great for eating in or taking away. At breakfast times check out their beautiful bowls that feature chia pudding, house made granolas and coconut yoghurt. At lunch time loaded salads reign supreme. They make delicious cold pressed juices, coffees and smoothies in house. Open for breakfast and lunch seven days. 

Darby Raj $ – Darby Street, Cooks Hill. Similar to Raj’s Corner, but with fewer options. Friendly service, convenient and cheap. Check with staff about what is vegan and has been cooked with ghee or with oil.

Deluca's $$ - Darby Street, Newcastle. Call 2 days ahead to book and they’ll have a range of vegan options for you! They do a fantastic roast veggie salad, pastas and can whip up a special for you. Open for lunch and dinner.

The Depots $$ - Beaumont Street, Hamilton and Darby Street, Newcastle. The Depots serve tapas style food and modern meals on their seasonal and changing menu. Let staff know you're vegan when booking. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Goldbergs $$– Darby Street, Cooks Hill. Café style food. Vegan options on the menu, nachos, pasta, lentil dal and scrambled tofu for breakfast. Vegan sweets also available. Open seven days, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Longbench on Darby $$ - Darby Street, Cooks Hill. There isn't much for lunch but head in at breakfast time for a massive & epic vegan breakfast plate with all of the things on it!

Monella Gelato $$ - Darby Street, Cooks Hill. This gelato bar has a number of vegan sorbets. We love the raspberry and chocolate espresso flavours. The cones are vegan too!

Natural Tucker $ - Darby Street Newcastle. This little organic grocer on Darby does fresh juices, organic vegan pies & sausage rolls, fresh salads and wraps. Check for tzatziki on a couple, and a few non-vegan pies. Most of what they offer is vegan! Open for breakfast and lunch.

The Oriental Hotel $$– Bull Street, Cooks Hill. A well loved beautiful, old pub in Cooks hill the pizza restaurant out the back will put together a vegan pizza for you on request and add your own BYO cheese too!

Sushi Revolution $$ - Darby Street, Cooks Hill. Sushi revolution offers a range of vegetarian sushi options daily. Seaweed sushi and inari are particularly good. Check with staff which options have egg, and there is also one with cream cheese and strawberry to watch out for. Open for lunch and dinner.

Vietking $$ – Darby Street, Cooks Hill. Vietnamese food with a range of vegan options. Lunch and dinner.

W.I.A Store $$ - Darby Street, Cooks Hill. This acai bar serves up 2 fresh acai bowls, coffee, fresh juices and health shots. 



Coal Espresso $ - 50 Beaumont Street, Hamilton. Coal espresso is serving up beautiful coffees, teas and "the best chai on Beaumont Street". Pop in for a hot drink on soy or almond milk, there are a few vegan food options and staff are happy to veganize veg options on request. Open seven days from 6:30am. 

The Depots $$ - Beaumont Street, Hamilton and Darby Street, Newcastle. The Depots serve tapas style food and modern meals on their seasonal and changing menu. They have a number of vegan options at breakfast, but less at lunch and dinner. Let staff know you're vegan when booking for lunch and dinner. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Dumpling Story $ - Cleary Street, Hamilton. Tucked away behind Beaumont this little Chinese restaurant has a stack of vegan options. Try the salt & pepper tofu, veggie dumplings and more!

Hamo's $$ - Beaumont St, Islington. This cafe serves up fresh and healthy vegan options including rice paper rolls, veggie sandwhiches, chia puddings and avo smash. Open for breakfast & lunch. 

Limoo Cafe $$ - Beaumont Street, Hamilton. This Persian cafe is delightful and there are plenty of vegan options to be found! Try some dips, olives and bread or some falafels for something heartier. Open for breakfast and lunch. 

The Grain $$- Beaumont Street, Hamilton. Thai food. Lots of veg options, check with staff for shrimp paste and fish sauce in dishes. Open for lunch and dinner.

Greenroof $ - Tudor Street, Hamilton. This trendy pub in Hamilton has a few yummy vegan options on the menu to tempt you while you enjoy a Young Henry's beer or cocktail from the menu.

Guzman y Gomez $ - Beaumont Street, Hamilton, and Charlestown Square. Vegan options available for burritos, nachos etc. Same foods, different shapes. Brown rice, black beans, fried vegetables, guac comes free on vegan burritos, the food can be a little greasy but is a delicious treat. Open for lunch and dinner seven days.

Hamilton Chinese $ - Beaumont Street, Hamilton. This is a vego favourite for their large menu of classic Chinese dishes made vegan. Expect dated, and unusual decor (blown up goon sacks as decoration) but the lemon chicken kind of makes it worth it! Open seven days. 

Kitami $$ - Beaumont Street, Hamilton. This Japanese restaurant has a few tables, and is a great option for takeaway. Order the veggie sushi plate. veggie sushi roll or teriyaki tofu, make sure to specify that you don't want miso. Open for lunch and dinner. 

Raj’s Corner $ - Beaumont Street, Hamilton and Glendale Shopping Centre. Casual eat in or takeaway spot. Range of vegan options, just ask at the counter for advice. There is pre-prepared food or you can order some south Indian specialties from the a-la-carte menu. The plain dosa is excellent. Open lunch and dinner – late seven days.

Rolador $$ - 1 Beaumont Street, Hamilton.  For drinks at Rolador grab a vegan hot chocolate, mocha, chocolate milkshake or coffee (with a choice of Bonsoy or oat milk). There are several savory options on the breakfast and lunch menu, with vegan options clearly marked including coconut porridge, brekkie beans, avo & tomato toast and veganizable big breakfast & brekkie burrito. This little corner cafe can do any of their meals as takeaways (perfect if you're hopping on the train) and you can phone ahead if you're in a hurry 49691786! Rolador are open Monday - Friday 6 - 4 and Sat & Sun 7 - 3. 

Second Fiddle Cafe $ - Samdon Street, Hamilton. This little cafe is a great spot to grab a smoothie or juice, a sandwich or veganize a cafe classic. They occasionally have some vegan baked goods, and are always happy to accomodate vegan customers at breakfast and lunch. 

The Village Cafe $$ - Beaumont Street, Hamilton. The vegan pancakes at The Village are to die for! Loaded up with candied nuts and icecream. The perfect breakfast treat. 


Money Penny $$ - This lovely spot at Honeysuckle will mix you a gin or whiskey with freshly juiced apple juice and does some fresh vegan rice paper rolls and veggie gyoza, great options for those watching oil and salt intake. Lovely for an afternoon drink over the water. Open for lunch and dinner.

Nagisa $$$ - This modern fusion Japanese restaurant on the harbour at Honeysuckle has always had some great options for vegans, but they have recently upped their game dramatically, offering lots of vegan and veganizable options. Make sure to let the staff know that you are dairy and egg free, as a couple of the veg options are not vegan. They even have a number of great dessert options including house made sorbets and their taro popsicle. Check out our review of Nagisa on the blog. 


Hamo's $$ - Beaumont Street, Islington. This little cafe serves up classic cafe fare with a number of vegan options, usually around 5 or 6. Look out for their beautiful rice paper rolls or veggie sandwhiches for an easy lunch option. 

Madame Mo’s $$ - Maitland Road, Islington. This little tea house has a huge range of teas served with dumplings. Unfortunately the dumplings are from Coles, they do have seaweed and edamame to snack on with your tea as well. 

Pino's $$ - Maitland Road, Islington. 100% vegan Italian joint with weekly changing menu. 

Suspension Cafe $ - Maitland Road, Islington. This coffee lover’s spot offers a great avo smash on toast and usually another vegan item on their changing menu.

The Tailor's Workshop $$ - Beaumont Street, Islington. This little Mascedonian cafe does a great avo smash served with loads of greens & their house made ajvar. Just ask for it to be made vegan!


Harry's Schnitzel $ - Stockland Jesmond, Bluegum Road, Jesmond & Junction Fair, The Junction. Harry's Schnitzel makes a vegan schnitzel wrap in a number of recipes using a Fry's vegan schnitzel. 

Indian Bazaar $ - Stockland Jesmond. This Indian takeaway marks out the vegan options in their bain marie such as vegetable korma and sabji dishes. Open seven days. 

Thai Street Food Thanaporn $ - 14 Bluegum Road, Jesmond. This Thai takeaway will make dishes vegan on request, just check for shrimp paste, fish sauce and oyster sauce. They also offer delivery! Open seven days for lunch and dinner.  

The Junction

Buzz Junction Protein Bar $ - The Junction Shopping Centre. This juice and smoothie bar has a great selection of healthy treats for folks on the go and easy lunches. There's a couple of vegan items on the menu and look out for the MamaP salted caramel protein squares, these are exclusive to Buzz Junction. Open for breakfast and lunch. 

Doughheads $$ - The Junction Fair. Doughheads vegan donuts available on occasion, check their social media.  Open for breakfast & lunch. 

Grill’d $ - The Junction & Charlestown. Grill’d have a couple of veg burgers on their menu that are easy to veganize and relatively health conscious. Ask staff to help you veganize their burgers. Open for lunch and dinner.

Lotus Cafe $$ - The Junction. Usually has one or two vegan options and staff are happy to alter veg dishes. Open for breakfast and lunch. 

Louie & Jacks $$ - Junction Fair, The Junction. This cafe has a focus on fast and fresh food with plenty of vegan options. Pick up a chia pudding or fruit salad on the go, or sit in for their teff pancakes, smoothie bowls, fresh salads and more. Their coffees come with a mini bliss ball, so vegans don't need to miss out on the coffee treat! Open seven days for breakfast and lunch.

Muchos Mexican $$ - The Junction. Beans and rice style Mexican food. They do offer vegan options but it's best to call ahead and let them know you're coming. Open for lunch and dinner.

Pickled and Pressed $$ - Glebe Road, The Junction. This 100% plant based cafe is all vegan and offers up healthful, whole food options with plenty of variety. They make desserts in house as well as cold pressed nut milks and juices. Open seven days for breakfast and lunch. You can read our review and see the beautiful location they've created in The Junction in our review here

Seed Cafe $$ - The Junction. This 100% vegetarian cafe connected to Hunter Organics grocery store serves up loads of tasty, organic vegan options for all day breakfast and lunch. Including their vegan pancakes with caramelized pear, coconut yoghurt and maple syrup. Most of the menu is vegan friendly and the sweets fridge filled with mostly vegan, handmade treats. This cafe is particularly good at catering to customers who have food allergies, and even keeps a little register of regular customers in the kitchen. Open Monday - Saturday 8-4. 

Sushi Koo $ - Marketown food court and The Junction. Takeaway sushi and Japanese foods, try the seaweed sushi or if you time it right, the tofu rice paper rolls. Lunch only.

Talulah Bar $$ - 52 Glebe Road, The Junction. Talulah do a brilliant job of catering to vegan customers, with vegan and veganizable options at breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also stock a vast array of raw vegan sweets for morning and afternoon tea, and you'll find a great selection of teas and fresh and cold pressed juices. Open seven days, breakfast and lunch only on Monday. 


Cafe Gogoro $ - Homemakers Centre, Kotara. This sushi place has plenty of vegan sushi options, check with staff which are mayonnaise and egg free, and stock sweets from MamaP. 

Mr Sister $ - Westfield, Kotara. This stylish cafe in Westfield stocks delicious muffins and raw balls by MamaP and serves a mean dairy free chai latte. A perfect escape from the shopping centre hustle and bustle. 

San Churro $ - Westfield, Kotara. The churros with dark chocolate dipping sauce are vegan, treat yourself to decadent fried dough. Two of their sorbets, coconut and mango, are vegan as well. 

The Noodle Hut $ - Westfield, Kotara. There are plenty of veggie options marked with a (v) on the menu, ask for rice noodles and check that no egg is added. 

The Spice Zone $ - Westfield Kotara. The Spice Zone has a selection of Indian curries and breads that are all vegan and clearly marked as such by signage. Even the naan here is vegan! Open for lunch 7 days. 

Zambreros $ - Beaumont Street & Westfield Kotara. Take a break from shopping stress and head to Zambrero for a great vegan burrito, or other standard Mexican fare, staff will assist you with which sauces are vegan. Open for lunch 7 days. 


Black Circle Cafe $ - 12 Alma Road, New Lambton. Stop by at breakfast for a simple avocado toast, or at lunch time for a seasonal vegan lunch option.

Cantina Mexican Restaurant $$ - Located inside Wests, New Lambton is the Cantina Mexican Restaurant. Most of the vegetarian options can be veganized on request by omitting cheese and sour cream. 

Ghanda's Indian $$ - 103 Regent Street, New Lambton. This Indian restaurant has a number of vegetarian dishes that can be made vegan, ask staff to help you choose dishes that are or can be made without ghee or paneer. The eggplant and potato curry and roti made without ghee come highly recommended. Open for dinner

Hunter Gourmet Pizza $$ - Alma Road, New Lambton. This pizza shop offers a short vegan menu with 6 vegan pizzas using biocheese. Order for takeaway or delivery.

Paul's Asian Affair $ - 22 Alma Road, Lambton. Find the menu here. Paul's Asian Affair is a favourite amongst people in the Lambton area, one of Paul's children is reportedly vegan and they will veganize a range of options for you. 

Williams Artisan Bread & Espresso $$ - Elder St, Lambton. This bakery is pumping out all sorts of delicious sourdoughs that will make your mouth water. Stick around and eat in for a fresh salad or avo smash. Open seven days for breakfast and lunch. 


Bhakti Tree $ - Maitland Road, Mayfield. The Bhakti Tree is the new Hare Krishna centre offering great vegetarian food and yoga classes that include the spiritual teachings behind it. Yoga Wednesdays at 6pm for just $15 you can do a one hour yoga class and receive a meal. These classes are very popular. so arrive early. As this is a Hare Krishna centre there is yoghurt, ghee and cheese in some dishes. Make sure to check which dishes are vegan from the very helpful folks at the centre. 

Char's Cafe $ - Belford St Broadmeadow & 189 Maitland Road Mayfield. Char's lovely cafe offers brekkie options to tempt any vegan out of bed. They'll mix up a cracking acai bowl, chia puddings with coconut yoghurt, a big green breakfast and there are always some raw treats in the cabinet. 

Onyx Espresso Bar $$ - Maitland Road, Mayfield. This family run cafe in Mayfield has a couple of vegan options and often runs vegan specials, they also stock raw treats by Luv Superfoods. Open for breakfast & lunch. 

Portafilter $ - Hanbury Street, Mayfield. This cafe serves up great coffees and nourishing food with vegan options for meals and sweets. They also make their own juices, cold pressed coffee, chai syrup and nut milks in house, no nasty additives found here! 

Side Pocket Espresso $ - Maitland Road, Mayfield. This little cafe is a little tricky to find in the small shopping square at the petrol station. But well worth it, some of the best coffee in Newcastle can be found at this gem, the menu changes frequently and they’ll do you a smashing vegan toastie if they don't have a vegan special on the board for the day.

Zaaki's Espresso $ - Maitland Road, Mayfield West. This new little cafe located at the small strip of shops at Mayfield West serves up a perfect coffee on Bonsoy. Open seven days. 


Blue Door Kiosk $$ - Merewether Beach Kiosk, Newcastle. Recently taken over by the folks of Blue door Newcastle there are a good selection of vegan options for you while you're at the beach including the house made cold press juices and most excitingly Coco-whip, healthy, raw, light soft serve served with delicious MamaP raw sweets. Open seven days for breakfast and lunch, 

The Burwood Inn $$ - Merewether. Dahl on the menu is vegan served without the tzatziki.

Drift Merewether $$ - Llewyellen Street, Merewether. Stop in a breakfast for their beautiful green smoothie bowl or for a healthy, fresh salad at lunch time. 

Merewether Surfhouse $$ - Merewether Beach. Head here for a bountiful acai bowl at breakfast time or the vegan pad thai at lunch. 

Sapphire Indian Restaurant $$ - Glebe Road, Merewether. This Indian restaurant has a number of dishes than can be meade vegan friendly. Just have a chat to the staff! The Veg Manchurian is not to be missed, but also give the Aloo Matar and Bindi Do Piazza a go. Just check with staff which dishes can be made free from ghee, cream and paneer. 

Table 1 Espresso $$ - 89 City Road, Merewether. This popular cafe can make you an avocado smash at breakfast, just ask for no dairy. At lunch order their vegetarian salad loaded with their house made chickpea patty and loads of veg, ask for it to be made without the feta. Open seven days for breakfast and lunch. 


529 Terrace $$ - 529 Hunter Street, Newcastle. The Terrace reopened in 2016, the vegan pies are gone, but there are still vegan delights to be found! The bar is also using aquafaba for specialty cocktails such as sours! Open Wednesday - Sunday from 5pm. 

Asa Don $$ - King Street, Newcastle. This tiny Japanese restaurant has a lovely homely feel,  and an early closing time. Make a booking on the weekends. There are a couple of veg options, just check that there is no bonito flakes in any dipping sauces or soups with the staff. Open for lunch and dinner Tuesday - Friday, dinner on Saturday. 

Basement on Market Street $$ - Market Street, Newcastle. This little bar serves up a range of beers, great cocktails (ask for the egg free ones) and Batlow cider. The vegan options include a divine felafel roll with pickles and beautiful house made dips with bread. Open for dinner seven days.  

Bar Petite $$ - 5/5 King Street, Newcastle. This little bar tucked away on the site of the old Newcastle Hospital is a real treat. With luxurious chairs and delicious drinks it's the spot to take someone to spoil them. Open afternoon - late Monday - Thursday and lunch until late Friday - Sunday. 

Bocados $$$ - King Street, Newcastle. This Spanish restaurant has a good range of vegan friendly smalls and will also veganize their paella for you. On the pricey side, but great service and beautiful food. The sherry mushrooms and olive plate are delicious. Open for dinner.

Bolton Street Pantry $$ Bolton Street, Newcastle. Find healthful options on this menu. For breakfast check out the acai bowl - with raw granola which is honey free -, fruit & nut sourdough with jam - hold the butter - or a big smoothie. At lunch time the acai bowl is on the menu still or grab the summer salad sub.  Open seven days for breakfast and lunch. 

Blue Door Cafe $$ - Hunter Street, Newcastle & Merewether Kiosk. This new cafe has a big raw salad on the lunch menu and offers both soy and almond milk for coffees, there's avo on toast for breakfast and the 5 seed sourdough is vegan friendly. Green juices are made fresh and there are raw vegan superfood bites at the counter.

Coal & Cedar $$ - Hunter Street, Newcastle. This speakeasy bar doesn't have any vegan options on the menu, but the staff will happily whip up a vegan board of nibbles including raw, cooked and pickled veg along with some crackers and breadsticks while you sip on their devilishly good cocktails. 

The Crown and Anchor Hotel $ - 189 Hunter Street, Newcastle. The main attraction here is Tuesday night $2 tacos, or $2.50 with guacamole, there is always a vegan filling and cheese and sour cream, along with guac are optional extras. These are really filling. We wish they'd make a vegan option on their corn cobs though! They look really good. This delicious dinner for $7.50 can't be beat in our books. On other nights there's a vegan salad and plenty of sides that you can put together to form a meal. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days. 

The Family Hotel $ - 635 Hunter Street. The Family Hotel do a great job of accommodating vegans with plenty of vegan options at this dog-friendly pub. Wednesday night is also a veggie raffle eschewing the traditional pub meat raffle for a tray of fresh veg! Open seven days for lunch and dinner. 

One Penny Black $$ - Hunter Street Mall. This mall favourite has a solid reputation for their coffee and offer up a really good avo on toast (if you aren't sick of that vegan breakfast option yet). Check with staff whether there are any vegan specials, or if there’s anything else they can whip together for you.

Parry Street Garage $$ - Parry Street, Newcastle West. This huge eatery in Newcastle West will happily veganize a veggie pizza for you. Head in with mates and enjoy some great cocktails on a nice afternoon. Open seven days for lunch and dinner. 

Popolo Gelateria $ - King Street, Newcastle. Just opposite Napoli Centrale sits Popoli Gelateria, a classic Italian gelateria who are pumping out fresh gelato on the regular. They're making classic fruit gelato flavours that are vegan, and have even made chocolate. Pop in to see what's in store soon! Open Wednesday - Sunday. 

Rascal $$ - King Street, Newcastle. This burger joint is dude food central. Their vegan burger is massive and comes loaded with pumpkin, roasted capsicum, salsa verde, tempeh and so much more. Open for lunch & dinner. 

Reserve Wine Bar $$$ - Hunter St Mall, Newcastle. This wine bar often has a couple of vegan fine dining options on their menu, check their website for up to date menus. Open for dinner. 

Restaurant Mason $$$ - Hunter Street, Newcastle. This fine dining restaurant has a separate vegetarian menu, offering dishes in half (entree) or full (main) sized. Check with staff when booking which items can be veganized.

Saluna Café $$ – King Street, Newcastle. Modern café style food with a Mexican leaning the owner of Saluna is a vegan and committed to offering great fresh & creative, whole vegan meals. There are always dedicated vegan menu items and always a vegan special, with a large selection of vegan sweets in the cabinet and superfood smoothies this cafe's offering of organic food with low food miles is sure to please a range of diners. Saluna are about to start running a monthly dedicated vegan night so stay tuned to their Facebook & Instagram for updates. Breakfast, lunch 7 days, dinner Friday and Saturday.

Six Degrees $$$ - Newcastle Harbour. This restaurant has a couple of veg options on their menu and can put together a vegan option by request. Ring ahead to chat to the staff about vegan options. Open breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sprout Dining $$$ - Above The Crown & Anchor on Hunter Street, Newcastle. This fine dining restaurant can do a vegan option in a pinch, but to get the full experience of the chef's talented skills make a booking and let them know you're vegan. Head to Sprout for a special occasion, you won't regret it!

Sprocket $ - Hunter Street Mall & Charlestown Square. In the mall there are vegan options on the board and in the cabinet and usually one or two vegan treats, brownies and raw balls at both locations.

Newcastle East

Estabar $ - Ocean Street & Shortland Esplanade, Newcastle East. Estabar is the perfect place to grab a raw sweet treat, superfood smoothie, some beans or avo on toast and watch the waves roll in. This is one the best views in town. The lovely staff can also help you select a dairy free, egg free gelato from the case!

The Kiosk at Newcastle Beach $$ - Newcastle Beach. Fresh, healthy options by the beach! What more could you want! Stop in for options like nourishing bowls, smoothies, falafel burgers, oats, hot chips and more at The Kiosk. Open from sunrise-ish until sunset-ish!

Moor Newcastle East $$ - 33 Hunter Street. Moor have a number of plant based options on their breakfast, lunch and dinner menus and chefs are always happy to edit dishes or pull something out of the bag as well. Open for breakfast & lunch Tuesday - Sunday and dinner Thursday - Sunday.

Rustica $$$ - Newcastle East. They have a vegan menu on request. Portions are huge. Open for lunch and dinner.

Sticky Rice Thai $$ - Scott Street, Newcastle & Industrial Drive, Wickham. Fresh, delicious Thai food with lots of veg options. Check with staff for fish sauce and shrimp paste. Open lunch and dinner and for takeaway seven days.

Swell at Nobby's $ - Bar Beach & Nobby's Beach, Newcastle East. These little beachfront cafes bake vegan muffins daily! Open for breakfast and lunch

Newcastle West

Antojitos $ - Antojitos make great, fresh Mexican food. Mulitas and tacos are made on fresh corn tortillas (gluten free) and topped with potatoes, beans, fresh salads and beautiful sauces. Just let staff know you'd like yours made vegan, expect fillings to change. 

Newy Burger Co $ - Hunter Street, Newcastle West. These guys make a veggie burger bowl for you without bread served on perfectly fresh salad greens. Make sure to ask for some kind of sauce or relish, the burger is a little dry with the greens alone. Open for lunch and dinner. 

Sushi Koo $ - Hunter Street Mall, Marketown food court and The Junction. Takeaway sushi and Japanese foods, try the seaweed sushi or if you time it right, the tofu rice paper rolls. Lunch only.

Thara Thong Thai $$ - Hunter Street, Newcastle. Thai food with vegan friendly menu. The salt and pepper tofu comes highly recommended. Open for lunch and dinner.

Three Bears Kitchen $$ - 2 Market St, Newcastle, (On the Scott Street of Hunter st Mall near the Post Office). This new addition to Newcastle is the brainchild of Sprout and Rustica folks. Pop in at breakfast for their porridge! Open for breakfast and lunch. 

The Family Hotel $$ - 635 Hunter Street, Newcastle. Recently opened The Family Hotel is doing a great job catering pub grub for vegan customers. Wednesday night is their curry night, where there is regularly one or two veg curry options. There's also a free entry into their veggie raffle on Wednesdays. Follow their specials online to see when vegan specials will pop up on other nights, or given notice the kitchen can ensure there will be a vegan option on other nights like an eggplant parmigiana, or veggie burger. Open seven days for lunch and dinner. 

The Williams Bar $$ - Scott St, Newcastle. This bar and tapas restaurant caters to vegans fantastically with notice. Book for a group of vegans and they'll create a vegan menu just for you!


Heng Loong Chinese Restaurant $ - 67 Cowper Street, Wallsend. There are a number of veggie options here like the spring rolls and staff will make stir fries with tofu instead of meat for you. Just check for chicken stock and egg used in items like their fried rice and stir fries. 

Top Thai $ - Kemp Street, Wallsend. This Thai joint has been a long running favourite amongst vegan novocastrians. When everyone else was responding with "huh?" to queries about vegan food Top Thai were veganizing all their vegetarian stir fries and curries. Their restaurant does eat in or takeaway and has a beautiful atmosphere. 

Yum Cha House Wallsend $ - Nelson Street, Wallsend. Find spring rolls, curry puffs, veggie rolls wrapped in tofu as well as a selection of stir fried options at this Chinese restaurant in Wallsend. They even have healthy quinoa fried rice. Worried about plastic waste? Let them know that you're bringing your own containers in to pick up your takeaway and they'll pack your food into them for you. Closed Tuesdays. 


Masa Madre Sourdough Pizza $$ - Railway Street Wickham. This is fast becoming a favourite in Newcastle. Made with sourdough crusts these pizzas are almost healthy! Their menu is small, usually 6-8 pizzas and you can always find 1-2 vegan choices and a vegan dessert option too. 

Sticky Rice Thai $$ - Scott Street, Newcastle & Industrial Drive, Wickham. Fresh, delicious Thai food with lots of veg options. Check with staff for fish sauce and shrimp paste. Open lunch and dinner and for takeaway seven days.

The Wickham Boatshed $$ - 91 Hannel Street, Wickham. Lots of dedicated vegetarian and veganizable options along with a few vegan options. Have a chat to their friendly staff. Open for breakfast and lunch. 

Port Stephens

Clean Eats and Healthy Treats $$ - Stockton St, Port Stephens. Plenty of healthy vegan options to be found at this cafe. Check them out for acai bowls and raw desserts. 

Crest Birubi Beach $$ - 73 James Patterson St, Anna Bay. There are a few fresh and healthy options on the Crest menus for vegans. At breakfast order the mushrooms or avo smash without feta or butter. At lunch and dinner ask for the crostini without butter or cheese or one of their fresh salads. Open seven days for breakfast and lunch, dinner Fridays & Saturdays. Bookings are essentual for dinners.

In House Kitchen $$ - 41 Donald Street, Nelson Bay. There are a few healthy and customisable options on this Nelson Bay cafe which has an all day menu. Check out the the chia mango pudding, or customise your own sourdough toast, ask for it without the butter. There are also a couple of fresh salads that can be made vegan by omitting egg or dairy. Open seven days. 

The Little Nel Cafe $$ - Nelson Bay. Check out The Little Nel Cafe in Nelson Bay for a great vegan brekkie in Port Stephens. There are usually a few great vegan items on the menu for health conscious vegans including their incredible smoothies. Open for breakfast and lunch, seven days a week. 

The Wharf Restaurant $$ - 1 Teramby Road, Nelson Bay. Although there is nothing explicitly vegan on the menu the staff are happy to accomodate vegan customers when booked ahead.